When and where were your mother and father born? Describe the kind of persons they were.

Both of my parents were born in Virginia. My Mother was born in Richmond, and my Father was born in Hampton.

After listing all the traits that I could truthfully say my mother possessed, I read the list and realized that none of the traits I had listed were positive personality traits. I realized that I had been overcompensating for the kind of person she is all my life. I googled a list of positive character traits, and located a list that contained 66 traits (complete with definitions). I felt guilty because I honestly couldn’t attribute any more than 1 trait from that list to my mother (without sugar coating it). I can honestly say that my mother is very creative.

As a human being, my mother is basically selfish, and very manipulative. She lacks basic empathy, and can be quite passive aggressive.

My father possessed a few positive personality traits, but they were overshadowed by his overwhelming hostility and anger. He was a very dour individual who experienced wild mood swings. He could be downright cruel at times. He was a very hardworking individual (sometimes working 2 jobs to make ends meet), and was very determined to ensure that my 5 siblings and I were clothed and fed always.

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