If you have inherited any of the characteristics of your mother’s parents, describe what they are and how you feel about them.

I inherited a few traits from my grandparents. I have grown into a very compassionate and caring person. My grandparents made me feel as though I was exceptional just the way I was, and went out of their way to make sure I understood the difference between right and wrong; their love was unconditional. They are the reason why I don’t categorically judge others. They helped me understand that everyone has their own way of interacting with life; if I expect to be unconditionally accepted by others, I must accept all people for who they are (without judgement). I live by that philosophy.

My grandmother was very creative. She would rather create something than buy the item from a store (whenever possible). Every time I visited her house, she had a new design for her bathrooms, bedrooms, or front porch. She is the inspiration for my desire to create new and different decorations for my home today. I used to have a lot of fun discovering the “new” decorations each time I went to visit her. After a while, she wouldn’t mention what had changed; she waited for me to “discover” the changes for myself. After noticing the new items, I would tell her what I liked best about her new creation.

I believe my grandmother is partially responsible for my love of good conversation. As I stated earlier, I’m not good at random small talk. I used to have conversations with my grandmother about all kinds of things…we would talk about how we felt about various subjects. I still seek out opportunities to connect with others in the same way.

I love to dance around the house singing at the top of my lungs… (thanks Mama Zee!!); it makes me feel free and genuinely happy.

My grandfather was very thorough when he wrapped packages for mailing. He told me that he saw what packages went through during his tenure at the post office, and one cannot be too careful when preparing packages for the postal system. I know this is not a legit personality characteristic, but it does bear mentioning. To this day, I wrap postal packages as though they are about to endure a nuclear blast because of Papa Frankie.

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