Describe your mother’s traits with which you are least compatible.

My mother is very selfish. Her main goal in life seems to be centered around finding ways to get others to do for her. She will only give of herself if it means that somehow she will sooner or later gain from the gesture.

My mother also tends to be unforgiving, resentful, and spiteful. She will hold a grudge against anyone she perceives to have done something wrong to her (usually because she was not able to convince them to do something for her). She is steadfast in her opinions, and blames others for her choices in life (as well as the consequences resulting from those choices). She depends on others to help her out of self-inflicted situations (e.g. not paying her rent because she spent the money elsewhere, and expecting someone to extend their home to her because she got evicted).

She is a perpetual victim who has chosen to center her life around herself.

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