Did she experience much sadness or tragedy while you were little? How did she deal with it?

I don’t ever remember seeing my mother cry (because of sadness) while growing up. This is not to say that she was never sad, it’s just that I was never aware of it if she was. During the numerous arguments that my parents had when I was growing up, my mother cried during the shouting matches, but quickly recovered as soon as my father agreed to whatever she was fighting for.

There are things that went on in our household that (I believe) should have caused an emotional response in her, but those things didn’t seem to affect her. When Big Nanny passed away, I was devastated. I remember wondering why my mother was acting as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I am not aware of any tragedy that touched her while I grew up. Any sadness that my mother displayed was usually tied to someone else doing something to her, and others feeling compelled to make her feel better.

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