What is the happiest memory you have of your mother?

My mother used to sew clothes for me and my siblings when I was younger. When I was in the 4th grade, she made a pink pantsuit that I will never forget. It was a two-piece suit made of pale pink fabric with little speckles of white mixed in. The pants were bell bottom, and the shirt was sleeveless with a hidden zipper going down the back.

Apple Tree pic On the front of the shirt, she embroidered a person with a straw hat on. He was lounging against a tree. The hat was pulled down, and the person appeared to be sleeping. The person was dressed in blue pants and a red shirt (all embroidered). The tree was towering over the person and an apple was falling from the tree toward the person’s head. She embroidered on the top and bottom of the scene; it said Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (Don’t Sit Under – on top; The Apple Tree – on the bottom). I loved that pantsuit, and wore it every chance I got until I outgrew it. The suit became my motivation to learn to sew.

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