Does your family have any family myths or traditions?

Most of the mythical stories in my family were told by my mother. She believed she, my grandmother, and great grandmother could contact and communicate with spirits. My great grandmother was said to be the best in the family at conducting séances and speaking with spirits. Candles were used in specific locations in our home to ward off evil spirits. I no longer have a strong belief in the supernatural, although I acknowledge that there are occurrences that sometimes have no logical explanation. As far as I know, everyone in my immediate family still believes in ghosts.

We have no specific family traditions…

spirit post

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4 thoughts on “Does your family have any family myths or traditions?

  1. Nothing really but I lived out in the Panama jungle a few years. Man they have a superstition for everything. I hurt my back while I was there and they wanted to massage it with the left foot of a twin. Guaranteed relief! Lol.

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      1. I have a list of them at the end of this one and just scratched the surface

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      2. Oh my goodness…seems like a lot to look out for – can’t believe the list is actually longer!

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