What are your earliest memories of your childhood?

I think I was around 2 years old…I was in a bedroom playing house with my older sister. She had a laundry themed playset (with small amounts of detergent in tiny boxes that looked like popular miniature soap powders). I had a grocery store themed playset. We took all the contents out of the top drawer in one of the bedside tables in the room. We put a few clothes in the drawer and emptied all the soap powder from the small boxes into the drawer and closed it, so that the clothes could “wash.” I don’t remember what happened after that.

On another occasion, my older sister and I took a red crayon and drew a solid line on the wall all the way around the room (everywhere we could reach). I’m not sure how old I was, but I had to be younger than 6 because we hadn’t moved to Manhattan yet (we moved to Manhattan when I was in the first grade). I remember my father being very angry with us. He placed a pail of water in the room, and gave us each a sponge. He told us that we wouldn’t be allowed to leave the room until the crayon was removed from the walls. My sister was crying, and I was trying to get her to stop by showing her that the crayon would come off. The crayon wouldn’t come off the wall no matter how hard we tried.

I also remember the layout of the apartment we lived in before we moved to Manhattan. There was at least one flight of steps leading to the front door of the apartment. Once inside the apartment, there was a foyer/hallway. There was a kitchen at the end of the hallway on the right. On the way to the kitchen, there was a bedroom on the left and a bathroom on the right.  On the opposite end of the hallway there were 2 additional bedrooms.

We had a Doberman Pinscher named King.

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1 thought on “What are your earliest memories of your childhood?

  1. Milking a cow with my dad in the winter.


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