Tell about your brothers and sisters, as well as step-siblings, and your relationships with each of them when you were little.

My older sister used to communicate with invisible people when we were younger. She was later diagnosed with schizophrenia. She has always been a very gentle person. We were very close when I was little.

My brother (who is one year younger than I am) has always been very self-centered and competitive. He has always cared very deeply about what others thought of him. When we were younger, he was a pathological liar. He would say or do anything to get attention. My relationship with him was guarded; we did things together, but I knew that without warning or provocation he would turn against anyone (if it meant that he could be favorably recognized by others in some way).

My sister (2 years younger than I am) has always been very needy and sickly. When we were younger, she was the sibling who was always sick or hurt. My relationship with her was close; I always felt the need to try to help her feel better.

My youngest sister was the baby of the family until my youngest brother was born; we all gave her a great deal of attention as she grew up. She became a very self-centered person; she seemed to honestly believe that the world revolved around her. She was very mean spirited. I didn’t have a relationship with her when I was little (she was an infant).

My youngest brother garnered an enormous amount of attention from all of us as he grew up. He has always been an emotional person. He has trouble taking responsibility for his actions (anything that happens to him always seems to be someone else’s fault). I didn’t have a relationship with him when I was little because he wasn’t born yet.

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