When you got home from school each day, who was there to greet you? What was the first thing you usually did after school?

During my earliest memories of my school days, my mother attended school to become a “beautician.” Her classes were held during the time I arrived home from school; when I arrived home, my older cousin was there to greet me and my siblings. She usually stayed with us until my mother came home.

The first thing I usually did after school was go to the butcher shop (next door to the school), and say “Hi” to the owner. After leaving the butcher shop, my siblings and I would either stop and buy a large soft pretzel, or a few penny candies at the local store on the way home.

Once we moved, my mother was usually home when I came home from school each day. She was a “stay at home” mom at that point. She was usually on the couch watching TV when I came home from school. When the TV show Dark Shadows was popular, I used to go directly into the “playroom” and watch the show with my mother and sisters. We would then talk about what we saw for a while after the show (speculating what we thought was going to happen during the next episode). Later (during my high school years), I would play chess for hours after school (with some of the neighborhood kids). We would meet at different houses, play chess and talk about random things.

Chess pieces

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