Did you ever receive an award or recognition for special achievement?

I won a trophy for a local pageant. The ultimate prize for the competition was a white Pontiac “Sunbird” (do they even make those cars anymore?), and a large trophy. Second and third place prizes were trophies. The rules were simple: Create an original design, model your creation, and claim a prize if you were selected by the judges. There were 80 contestants competing for the top prize. I decided to modify my first “advanced” level Vogue pattern as my entry. There were three rehearsals for the show. During the first rehearsal, one of the contestants asked me about my creation. I proudly described what I intended to do (all the way down to a description of the pattern I had selected). The only thing I didn’t divulge was the material I intended to use. The outfit came out amazing!! I used a cream white, medium weight, satin/silk blend fabric. The design was a two-piece pant suit with a cumber bund (pretty cool for the time period fashion-wise). When I arrived for the pageant, the girl I had talked to about my intended design, had used the same pattern for her outfit. I was really upset with myself for sharing so much information with her. The material made all the difference! I came in second; the copycat girl didn’t place at all! I was pretty proud of my accomplishment!

I also received two Navy achievement awards, and two Navy Commendation awards during my 20 years in the Navy.

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