Which friends do you best remember and why?

I was rather introverted during elementary school. Robyn Pyle and Evette (can’t remember her last name) were my friends during that time. We were in the same classes from 1st – 4th grade. I used to tell them everything that went on in my house; they were the first to examine my injuries, and comfort me when anything happened to me at home.

One Christmas, I gave Robyn a Christmas card, but I didn’t have an envelope for it. I used an envelope I found around my house; it had an address on it, so I scribbled over the address with a black pen. When I gave the card to Robyn, I explained that I didn’t have an envelope for it. She was polite, and seemed happy when she accepted my card. She wrote “fancy Roberta” all over the envelope she used for my card. She explained that it didn’t matter what was on the outside of the envelope, she told me that the card was the only thing that counted.

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