Did you have any pets? What were they? What were their names? How important were they in your life?

We had several pets:

King – Doberman Pinscher: The first pet I remember. I remember his size, and where he slept in our apartment.

Chipper – German Shepard: He was a guard dog. We were not allowed to play with him. My father brought him raw meat (bones) from the butcher once or twice a week. Chipper attacked my youngest brother when he was 2yrs old (almost killed him), because my brother tried to play with his bone one day while my older sister was babysitting.

Mitsy & Tiger – Stray kittens (adopted by my grandparents): Mitsy was very moody. She did not like being held. She would scratch and hiss at anyone (except my grandmother) who tried to touch her. Tiger was a sweetheart; he loved being held and pet. I used to hold and pet him for hours whenever we visited my grandparents.

Machestae – Stray outdoor cat: My older sister named her and fed her. When my older sister left home after high school, Macheste stopped coming around. Whenever she came home to visit, Macheste would return, and stay while my sister visited home.

We also took in two kittens who had been left in an abandoned car. We had to keep them in the basement (they were not allowed to roam the house). Eventually, the basement became infested with fleas, and my parents returned them to the street. They would visit (looking for food), but stopped after we were not allowed to put food out for them.

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