What birthday do you remember most? Why?

It was my 11th birthday; I had anticipated a birthday present for weeks. I woke up early that morning, and ran downstairs…in the foyer was a new bike. It was beautiful! It was purple with stingray handlebars, a silver banana seat, and a small, shiny” handle in the back of the seat (part of the support in the back). I was extremely happy; I ran back upstairs and changed my clothes, so that I could go outside to ride it. On my way outside, my brother became VERY upset. He claimed that the bike was his (he had a birthday coming up within the next month). I ignored him, and continued outside. Eventually, my parents confirmed what my brother had been saying…they had mixed up the dates of our birthdays – I was born in July, he was born in August. They bought the bike thinking it was his birthday, not mine. I reluctantly gave him the bike, and went back inside. They never got around to buying me a present for that birthday. My parents stopped giving birthday presents after that.

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