Did you have any serious accidents as a child?

I posted this earlier…this is the only serious childhood accident I can remember:

I used to throw temper tantrums whenever I didn’t get something I wanted (this was the behavior that caused the most disciplinary action for me). One morning, I threw one of my tantrums; instead of her usual “wait till your father comes home” routine, she picked up an extension cord and began beating me with it. I ran, and darted into the closet in my room; she followed me and continued wielding the extension cord. She could not see me, so she stopped and demanded that I come out of the closet. As I emerged, she began hitting me again. This time she accidently hit me in my right eye. I remember screaming bloody murder while my eye swelled shut. I remember my mother looking terrified, and dropping the extension cord. Luckily, I had closed my eye just in time to protect my eyeball, but I had a sizeable welt across my eyelid (I still have a small scar from that event). My mother called my father home from work, put a compress on my eye, and took me to the doctor after my father came come. After that incident, I wore large sunglasses in public until my eyelid healed.


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