Did anything unusual or strange happen to you during childhood?

I used to sleepwalk almost every night during my childhood. Sometimes I would find my way back to bed, other times I would wake up in odd locations in our apartment. My father purchased a tapestry (from Japan I believe) when he was in the military (Marines). The tapestry was as soft as a teddy bear, and had swans on it. I always felt very uncomfortable around the tapestry because of the swans – they felt real to me even though they were part of a picture. I would spend time staring at the tapestry waiting for one of them to move. One night I dreamed that I was standing in front of the tapestry, and it came to life. I remember seeing myself walking onto the ledge (where the largest swan stood), and staring at it. I could hear the water as the other swans swam around. Suddenly, the large swan pecked at me, and I screamed. I woke myself (and everyone in the house) up; I was standing directly in front of the tapestry in the same position I had been in in my dream.

Papa Frankie
Papa Frankie in front of “The Tapestry”
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