What were your greatest fears when you were a child?

When I was a child, my greatest fear was my father’s rage. He would become very angry without warning. Most of the time, his anger would manifest itself in a violent outburst (without any regard to who was present, or where we were). I learned to remain quiet (in the background), and do EXACTLY what I was told to do.

I was also very afraid of elevators. We lived on the 17th floor. When the elevators worked, I would use them. One afternoon, I got stuck in the elevator with my older sister. She freaked out so bad that I thought the situation was somehow life threatening. I forced the doors open, but we were in between floors. I boosted my older sister out of the small opening (luckily, the elevator didn’t restart during that evolution). I remained in the elevator for a while (don’t remember exactly how long). From that point forward I used the steps, and became very uncomfortable any time I needed to use an elevator.

I also had an unreasonable fear of the swan tapestry hanging on the wall in our living room.


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2 thoughts on “What were your greatest fears when you were a child?

  1. This post hit home for me because I had an unreasonable fear, at five years old, of the foyer area of my aunt’s house. Why the foyer area, I don’t know. But I remember avoiding it like the plague. Looking back at it now, I believe it showed how insecure I felt. My mother had left me with my aunt for an indefinite period of time.

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    1. Wow! makes you wonder what you must have been thinking during that time in your life…maybe you saw something that scared you or something.

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