Tell about the people who influenced you most in your childhood.

The person who had the most influence on me during my childhood was my great grandmother. In addition to spending time talking and listening to her, I had the opportunity to observe how she handled different situations. She was usually calm and observant, unless she felt that she could change the outcome of a situation. Although she disliked my father, she respected my mother’s space and family. She never criticized my parents in front of me regardless of how much she may have disagreed with what was going on at the time. She helped me understand the importance of respecting others.

Another influential person in my childhood was my father’s younger sister (my aunt Gigi). She took meticulous care of every aspect of her health and beauty. She would often talk to me about the importance of taking good care of myself (inside and out). She didn’t wear make-up, everything she did to take care of herself was based on the idea that everyone has natural beauty. I thought she was incredibly beautiful. I have always been very conscious of my health and beauty routines because of her.

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