Tell the story about something funny that happened during your childhood.

I was born during the summer. I used to wish that I could have a birthday party in class during the school year. One day, I decided that I was going to have a birthday party in school; I was in the third or fourth grade. I made plans to go to Key Food (I believe) to get the party supplies I needed. Instead of walking my usual route to school, I walked to the supermarket that my family regularly went to. I remember walking into the store, and going straight to the register. I picked up 2 paper bags, and confidently walked toward the candy isle. I selected 4 or 5 value sized bags of candy. I walked over to the baked goods section of the store and selected 2 packages of cupcakes (they were pink, blue, yellow, and white). I put everything into the two bags I had taken from the front registers, and made sure to walk out of the store the same way I always had with my mother whenever we went shopping (past a cash register) – there was no one at the register, and no one stopped me on my way out of the store.

Once outside, I began my walk to school. The market was several blocks away from my school. I remember having to stop a couple of times because the bags got heavy. I finally made it to school, and to my classroom. I gave the bags to my teacher. I remember her asking me what the goodies were for; I proudly exclaimed that they were for my birthday party. I don’t remember exactly what happened after that (during class), but I do remember waiting for the party to begin. It never did…I went home thinking that we didn’t have enough time for the party that day. I thought that my teacher decided to wait until the next day to celebrate my birthday.

When I arrived home after school, all my “party supplies” were on the kitchen table. Both of my parents were standing there. Needless to say…I got into trouble that day.

Happy Birthday


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