What is your happiest childhood memory?


My happiest childhood memories always involved my grandparents (Mama Zee, Papa Frankie, and Big Nanny). If I had to choose the memory that evokes the most positive feeling, it would have to be the week I spent with Mama Zee and Papa Frankie (by myself) one summer. Each summer, my siblings and I would take turns staying with either my grandparents or great grandmother for a week at a time. Usually, we would visit in pairs, so that our visits would not overwhelm my grandparents, and they would have the opportunity to spend quality time with all of us.

One summer, I was not able to go to Philadelphia as planned with one of my siblings (I’m not sure why). Mama Zee and Papa Frankie had planned to go to Richmond to spend time with relatives; they invited me to accompany them, so that I could spend time with them that summer. At that time, they spent a lot of time traveling. They usually planned their trips in advance to get a better price on transportation (neither one of them knew how to drive). We took the train; someone was at the station to pick us up when we arrived. The ride to New Kent County seemed long (to me), but was very scenic. When we arrived, I was amazed at the amount of land around their home. My relatives own many acres of land in New Kent County. It was the first time I had ever been in the country; the quiet was calming.

We stayed for four days. During that time, I met relatives that I didn’t know existed. I spent most of my time talking, playing, and hanging out with my cousin. Her house was enormous, but we spent most of our time outside exploring and talking.

I never wanted to leave. I loved the peaceful calm…


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