What other memories would you like to share about your childhood?

I mentioned many of my childhood memories while answering the previous questions. There are a few memories I would like to document.

My father was employed as a (tractor trailer) truck driver when we moved from Manhattan to Long Island. I believe my father used one of his trucks for our move.  My parents, and a few of their friends loaded our furniture into the back of the truck (it took an entire day). It was dark outside when they finished loading the truck. My father left a space in the back of the truck for me and my siblings. I didn’t want to ride in the back of the truck with the furniture, but I had no choice. I didn’t say anything because my father seemed impatient. I reluctantly got into the truck. I remember being terrified of the darkness, I also thought the furniture would fall on me. Once the truck started moving, I noticed a small crack along the bottom of the door. I kept my face close the small crack because I could feel air coming in. I talked myself down the entire ride (about an hour), I was extremely relieved to get out of the truck when we arrived at our new residence.

My cousin used to babysit us from time to time. I remember that my siblings and I used to climb out of the living room window over to the adjacent kitchen window to see if we could make it without falling 17 stories down to the ground (For FUN).

Adjacent windows

I was a girl scout for most of my childhood. One summer, while at camp, I was learning how to swim in a lake. I noticed a black snake in the water. It wasn’t near me, but I decided to get out of the water. My troop leader, and a few of my friends tried very hard to get me to re-enter the water. I never did, and I never learned to swim.

scan0284 copy    scan0029

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