Did you have a favorite teacher in high school? How did she or he influence you?

I was extremely quiet and socially awkward in high school. I sat in the back of my classes, and kept to myself. My classes were large, and my teachers were overworked; they did not take the time to connect with me. Consequently, I did not have a favorite teacher when I was in high school.

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2 thoughts on “Did you have a favorite teacher in high school? How did she or he influence you?

  1. Mr. Trevor Levine remains my most influential teacher to this day, he was my primary school teacher. Math had never been my strongest subject which he and I both recognized. Even when I had graduated and moved on he would call every Saturday and review every math topic I did that week and tutor me over the phone. For years he did this until I sat my math exam and passed with a final grade of 2. Had he not passed years ago, in lieu of of my father who has recently passed he would have walked me down the aisle (well he would have been in a wheel chair) on my wedding day. Even in my memory he stands as the living embodiment of a teachers work never being done and the standards I always aspire to.

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    1. That’s incredible! I’m inspired, and I never met him. I think it’s amazing that your life was influenced by such a wonderful person. We all should be so fortunate.

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