Tell about your first date and first kiss.

My first date was a Jr. Prom, at a school other than my own, with a boy who eventually became my first boyfriend. I attended Holy Family High, and my date attended Huntington High. I remember his name, but I’ve decided not to use anyone’s name (without their permission) in my posts, so I’ll call him TJ. I used to visit a friend down the street from me, I’ll call her MM for the purpose of this post. I met TJ at MM’s house. MM had a boyfriend named PW. PW brought TJ to MM’s house to talk to me while he talked to her about going to the prom with him. TJ and MM’s boyfriend went to the same school. I was very shy during that period of my life. TJ seemed nice, and kept the conversation going while we were at MM’s house. During the conversation, TJ revealed that he didn’t have a date for the prom. He asked me to be his date, and I said yes.

I decided to sew a dress for the occasion.  I designed a dress using a combination of two Simplicity dressmaking patterns. I borrowed the style from the Victorian era, and used Royal purple silk under white lace. The dress had a high neckline with sleeves that were puffy at the top (near my shoulders) and fitted the rest of the way down my arm. I used an empire waist instead of the traditional Victorian style cinched waist because I was self-conscious about my waistline. The rest of the dress fitted loosely down to the floor. I was very proud of the creation.

The night of the prom, TJ picked me up in his yellow Volkswagen bug; we didn’t talk much on the way there. When we got to the dance, TJ immediately began mingling with his classmates. I didn’t know anyone at the school, so I migrated to a semi-secluded spot, and waited for MM to arrive. Once MM and her boyfriend arrived, they located TJ, and helped “break the ice” between us. The rest of the night was spent awkwardly trying to keep the conversation going, dancing occasionally, and waiting for MM and her boyfriend to get ready to leave. The ride home was just as quiet as the ride to the prom. TJ was polite when we got to my house, and waited for me to go inside before he drove off.

My first kiss was more experiment than fairytale. In my neighborhood, there was an area where teens would go to do “teen things.” The area consisted of a random discarded couch, in a semi secluded spot, in a field. There was a neighborhood boy (I don’t remember his name) who suggested that we go there to talk. I naively went expecting to talk with him. When we got there and sat down, he immediately leaned over and kissed me. I was fine as long as he simply pressed his lips against mine; when he opened his mouth, it disgusted me. I immediately got up and ran home.

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