Describe the hair and clothing styles that were popular.

Hair: At that time, there was a huge difference between the hairstyles of girls with naturally straight hair, and girls with naturally curly hair…

Many girls with naturally straight hair wore their hair long and straight, usually parted down the middle with no bangs. There were two specific styles that stand out in my memory: The Shag hairstyle (a soft, layered cut with more layers at the crown of the head and thinner hair at the bottom), and the feathered hairstyle that Farrah Fawcett wore. Girls who didn’t have straight hair would use heat or chemicals to straighten theirs.

Many girls with naturally curly hair wore an afro, Jheri Curl (chemically relaxed version of the natural afro style – hair looked loosely curly instead of frizzy), or straightened hairstyles (hot comb or chemical relaxer). They would also completely cover their hair with creatively twisted and wrapped scarves.

Both groups of girls wore their headbands around their forehead. scarves were worn instead of elastic bands and could be tied in the back or on the side with the ends hanging down.

Fashion (From last post): Big bold colors & patterns, Hip huggers, bell bottoms, halter shirts, and Mini, Midi, and Maxi-skirts. Pantsuits, Daisy Dukes, and Earth Shoes were also popular. I also remember wearing marshmallow shoes (white thick soles on different color suede shoes), Converse chucks, ProKeds (sneakers), and Platform shoes.

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