What slang expressions were popular during your teen years?

Some of the sayings I personally used often were: Funky, chill, cool, hip, and Groovy.

Here’s a list (I found on http://www.classic70s.com/70s-lingo.html )of the most popular slang and their meanings.

– Cool – pretty great

– Neat/Neato – almost as cool as cool

– Groovy – really cool

– Far out – also pretty cool

– Outta sight – cool, neat, groovy, or far out

– Can you dig it? – Do you understand?

– Spaz – a clumsy individual

– Keep on Truckin’ – encouragement to go with the flow

– Right on! – I think that’s great!

– Airhead – someone without a lot of brains or common sense

– Boogie – to dance rhythmically

– Bread – money

– Bummer – bad news

– Foxy – description of someone who’s really “hot” (usually a woman)

– It’s a gas – it’s a lot of fun

– Cat – a really cool guy

– Boss – great, cool

– Jive Turkey – someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about

– Mellow out – to sit back and relax

– Chill – take it easy

– Funky – cool and unusual

– Hip – yet another word for cool

– Man – a word often used at the end of a sentence to make a point; i.e. “This is really cool, man!”

– Pad – a place to live

– Threads – clothing

– May the Force be with You – From Star Warsmeaning good luck

– Dude – a male pal

– Hang Loose – relax

– Your Old Man – this referred to your husband, father, boyfriend or any male with whom you were connected

– Let it All Hang Out – tell everything

– It’s My Bag (or Not My Bag) – I like doing it (or don’t like doing it)

CB radio lingo (that came from truckers who used “citizen band” radios to communicate with each other) – included terms like “Do you copy?” (Do you understand what I’m saying?), “Ten-four, good buddy!” (message received, friend), and “What’s your 20?” (Where are you?).

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