Describe your relationship with your parents. Were you able to communicate freely with them?

My relationship with my parents during my teen years was strained. My mother was consumed with herself, and what she perceived the neighbors thought of her. My father was either away at work (he worked in Brooklyn as a NYC Transit bus driver), or at home drinking (while being angry at one thing or another).

There were different phases of communication with my parents during my teen years. In my early teens, there was no genuine communication between us. They spoke, and I was expected to obey. I was withdrawn, and trying to make sense of my feelings about my early pregnancy (and subsequent child birth). At that time, my main goal was to graduate high school and strike out on my own.

After graduation, I immediately left home. Making it on my own was much more difficult than I had imagined (I joined a magazine crew, and sold magazines door-to-door). I decided to try and understand why my parents were the way they were. I attempted to establish communication with them. My father was receptive to letters and calls, and my mother remained consumed with herself; she had specific things that she would say for different situations, but she remained shallow and difficult to reach emotionally.

I went back home for a short time after I left the magazine crew, but found it extremely difficult to find employment, or live at home. My father was still drinking heavily, and my mother was very antagonistic. I left again, and ended up in Chicago (to live with a guy from the magazine crew). When things started getting crazy in Chicago, I went back home again for a short time, and later joined the military.

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2 thoughts on “Describe your relationship with your parents. Were you able to communicate freely with them?

  1. I was able to communicate with my parents about most things, but they left the discussion about sex to my older sister.

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    1. Wow! How interesting! I would imagine the conversation was less awkward that way. Siblings tend to “just talk” about anything.


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