When did you get your first car? Did you pay for it or was it a gift? Describe it.

My first car was a red 1977 corvette…

I promised myself that I would not purchase a car until I could afford a corvette. After graduating high school, I did not make enough money to buy a car for myself. Eventually, I decided to join the military.

The length of my first enlistment in the military was 2 years. During that time, I looked around for a corvette that I could afford to purchase. I was not paid enough during that time to afford one, so I began looking at jobs that I could reenlist for that would pay a reenlistment bonus. I settled on Interior Communications Technician.

When my initial 2 years passed, I was stationed in Charleston, South Carolina; I immediately reenlisted for 6 years. One of the benefits of that reenlistment was a bonus of $32,000. After I received the check, I immediately went to Cofields Corvettes in Charleston, South Carolina to purchase my corvette. The car was my first bank approved installment loan.

f33ccd1f_337022 copy

Cofield's Corvette receipt

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