To whom did you turn for advice? Why that person?

My great grandmother (on my mother’s side – Big Nanny) was the person I went to when I needed advice. After she passed away, my grandmother (on my mother’s side – Mama Zee) was the person I turned to for advice.

My relationships with my great grandmother, and grandmother (on my mother’s side) were my closest adult relationships while I grew up. I went to them for advice often.

My great grandmother (Big Nanny) and I had a very close relationship until the day she passed away. She was a very strong person; I could talk to her about ANYTHING. I spent many summer breaks listening to her stories and advice.

Mama Zee was a very warm, caring, and compassionate person. She loved to talk and cook. She had many people around her who genuinely cared about her. It was not unusual for her neighbors to stop by to chat, or invite her to their homes to talk for hours.

** I could depend on them to be there for me when I needed someone to talk to.

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