What was your major and why did you choose it?

SUNY College at Old Westbury

 Psychology; because I wanted to figure out how to fix myself.

Tidewater Community College

General Studies; because ODU declined admission (after I retired from the Navy), and I was fighting my desire to give up.

Old Dominion University (ODU)

–  Human Services Counseling (B.S.); because the Veterans Administration (V.A.) tested my strengths and abilities, and told me that I would make a great counselor.

Secondary Education (M.S.); because there were no counseling jobs available after I finished my Bachelor’s degree, so the V.A. decided to pay for my Master’s degree in my second strongest strength: Teaching.

Reading (M.S., and Reading Specialist Certification); Because I wanted to be more of an asset in my High School Reading Teacher’s job.

Gardner-Webb University

Curriculum and Instruction (Ed.D); because I wanted to help reshape the curriculum I had been using for my 9thand 10th grade students (who were having trouble using traditional reading comprehension strategies).



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2 thoughts on “What was your major and why did you choose it?

  1. I went into college as an art major, because I loved art class and my high school art teacher. I soon switched my major to chemistry, because my advisor told me that there were no jobs in art, and I liked chemistry. I finally switched to chemistry education (to become a chemistry teacher) because I did not want to work in a lab. I wanted to work with people. I was a chemistry teacher for over 30 years and loved it!

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    1. Coolness!!! What an amazing path! I LOVE science (it’s so facinating). I probably would have chosen some aspect of science as a career path, but high school algebra stood in my way. I really had a hard time “adding” letters. My remedial math teacher (at TCC) finally explained it in terms I could understand.

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