About 10 years ago I purchased a bound “personal memoir” titled The Story of a lifetime, A keepsake of personal Memoirs from an online company. I intended to have most of the pages filled in by now, and be well on my way to contemplating some sort of best-selling book. Here I am…10 years later, and most of the pages remain blank. During this 10 year stretch I completed an additional Master’s degree (Reading), and a Doctoral degree (Curriculum & Instruction). I’m very proud of my academic accomplishments, but I am no closer to my goal of leaving an important part of me behind for my children to pass on to future generations. I figured out that I will never be “the greatest” anything, but I take great pride in being “the best I can be” at absolutely everything I do. The opening statement in the diary reads “We all have stories worth sharing – of love and happiness, pain and sorrow. Too often the things we take for granted in each other are never discussed and then fade from our memory…” I couldn’t agree more with that idea if I tried. This blog is a culmination of all the things I can remember –  to answer all the questions asked in the personal diary. Writing these words will serve to keep a promise I made to myself 10 years ago.

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